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LGBTQIA therapy

I am queer affirmative, so my position is that your sexuality and gender identity is as unique as you are and is something to be cherished. Struggles around our identity and desires can be challenging and painful and the world can unfortunately be an isolating and shaming environment to be a part of. As a result of growing up in these sometimes hostile surroundings, a range of difficulties can develop later in life such as: difficulties in relating and forming nourishing relationships, feeling isolated and not belonging, feeling shame around aspects of yourself, or a reliance on alcohol and drugs to just be with yourself and others. 


Particularly for gay men, the sexual landscape has changed rapidly in the past decade. Advances in sexual health with effective HIV management and PrEP have grown alongside chemsex being more common. In our counselling sessions, you can expect to be listened to empathically and non-judgementally, working with the reality of modern queer life, not at odds with it.

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