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bereavement therapy

Loss is an inevitable part of being alive and has a huge impact on all of us. When you lose someone close to you, even though you have an awareness that grief can be a battle, your own grief can be startlingly unfamiliar and scary. It can be alarming to see yourself suddenly not be able to cope with everyday activities, or lose meaning in what used to give you so much joy. The loss of someone can even bring back previous losses that occurred many year ago, losses that you thought had settled and been put to rest. 


As much as bereavement happens to people all the time, you may feel lonely in your grief. Others around you may not know what to say or what to do. Your work and family commitments may now be at odds with how you feel and what you need. Your bereavement may also come at a time where you were already struggling, and now this has landed on top of that heavy weight. I believe that having a space to explore how you are feeling is crucial during this time. Your grief needs care and attention, and short term therapy (12 sessions) can be very effective in giving you space to feel supported and to heal.

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